Week 25 Pregnancy Update & Fitness Vlog by Teresa Palmer


What week:

25 weeks

How big is the baby:

13.5 inches and 1.5 lbs (0.6kgs) the size of an acorn squash!

What’s something new this week:

Not much has changed, my skin feels a lot tighter on my belly so I’ve been rubbing Almond Oil in to it each night.

Most challenging moment:

Actually as I write this in bed Mark is giving me a crazy deep tissue (and deeply painful!) foot massage. I’ve been suffering from bad foot/heel pain this week and some of last week and after some self diagnosis (Thanks Dr Google!) I’ve decided that I could have “Over-pronation” aka “Plantar Fascilitis” which means the tissues lining the bottom of the foot are being stretched and flattened in a way that they’re not used to due to the difference in where your center of gravity is during pregnancy, it causes you to walk on different parts of your feet than what you’re used to.  It’s very common in pregnancy and it can make walking very painful which is what has been happening to me. At the end of the day I can’t walk around any longer as my feet are far too sore! Phew! massage over, but it’ll help in the morning.

Most exciting moment:

Seeing my friend Allison Pill at Frankie and Zachs wedding (Isaac my stepsons Mom & new Step-Dads wedding was a BIG part of our week) Allison is due a week apart from me! We talked about our impending children’s births and got very excited together!


Starting weight:


Current weight:

132lbs/59.8kg. So 16lbs/7kg weight gain so far, still healthy and on track.


Not nearly as much this week! Only got one hike in, one 24 week fitness Vlog workout in and today (25 + 6) I went to Barry’s Bootcamp which felt AMAZING, I obviously modified everything but managed a ton of it and felt great afterwards. We have been prepping all week for Frankies wedding (my stepsons Mama) I was writing a speech and getting Bodhi’s Flower Boy clothes altered. Mark is shooting a film, I also had Isaac this week and we don’t have a babysitter right now so that didn’t leave me with much time to exercise! I’ll do more next week.



Definitely carb loaded at the wedding! Rest of the week looked like this;

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Square Bar or Power Protein Shake from Glow Bio.

Snack: Green Juice

Lunch: Baked sweet potato wedges, Vegan Broccoli & Artichoke dip with sourdough bread from Cafe Gratitude (had this 2 x this week) or Salmon and avocado salad!

Dinner: Chocolate Protein Smoothie or Baked crab hand roll and salad or Miso Cod.

Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

Bodhi dancing on the dance floor at the wedding and asking to dance with bumpy too.


This past weekend was really all about family, I was very reflective about how families all look so different some have 2 Moms or 2 Dads, some like ours are a blended family, some babies grew in their mothers hearts but not in their tummies and really no matter how your family looks what it all boils down to is LOVE, how do we love on each other the best way we can? Meet everyone with love, acceptance and compassion? It’s something to always aim for. I am so in love with our blended family, Isaac has 2 Moms and 2 dads, Bodhi has an “Aunty and Uncle” in Isaacs other parents, it’s pretty rare and special and this baby will have 2 older brothers to love on him and a whole extended family because of Isaac to celebrate him. It’s been a beautifully reflective time for us filled with tremendous gratitude.

Food Aversions:

Not enjoying Pizza or Pasta!


Still smelling essential oils! Especially eucalyptus. Also I’m loving the smell of lavender. I’m also always craving sleep ins! It’s so different during the second pregnancy where you have another toddler to run after, no sleep ins in sight unless I ask for special sleep ins from Mark (I get to sleep till 8:30am instead of 6:45/7am.)

This Weeks Pregnancy Fitness Vlog is actually with my hubby Mark Webber, cross Fit fanatic and exercise obsessed! He is taking over from Jeff for just this week. Its pretty funny, he doesn’t go easy on me. Mark is actually the person who trains me the most and today he decided to torture me with an ultimate “Butt Blaster” ENJOY!! and remember, take it easy, listen to your body and check in with the doc before starting a new exercise routine.