Week 24 Pregnancy Update & Fitness Vlog by Teresa Palmer


Hey Guys!

So switching things up a little from this week on, instead of doing a long video entry on top of the Fitness Vlog I’ve decided to do a Q & A type theme each week to accompany my exercise videos. I have been loving reading some of these from my favorite Mama Bloggers like Anna Saccone so I decided to jump ship and try it. I also think it’s more thought provoking for me to have prompted questions to really think about each week!

I’ll also be posting these on Tuesdays (US time!) as that’s the day I start my new pregnancy week. Today I’m 25 weeks so each week will be a true reflection of the full pregnancy week as I’ll be writing it on the last day of that week (I wrote this at 24 + 6 days)

Enjoy! I’m loving the feedback so keep it coming. ❤️🙏 Tez


What week:

24 weeks!

How big is the baby:

12 inches long, weighing about 1.25 lbs which is about 0.5kg. The size of corn on the cob!

What’s something new this week:

Every morning when I’m lying on my back in bed babe pushes himself all the way to the surface of my belly so I get a big bulge the outline of his butt! Bodhi and I give him a little massage and talk to him. It’s become a little routine for all of us.

Most challenging moment:

I’ve been getting pains in my hips which haven’t been comfortable, Mark has been giving me deep tissue massages to help break it up.

Most exciting moment:

I sorted through my storage facility and found all of Bodhi’s baby clothes. It’s amazing to think that in just 14 weeks or so we will be seeing our new son in those clothes. I have kept EVERYTHING I’m so sentimental like that, even giving away our co-sleeper crib made me so sad. We won’t need to buy any clothes for the new babe, which is another reason I was so happy about having another boy. We are going to bring our little one home in the same outfit we brought Bodhi home in. A blue onesie with an apple on it from SEED, so divine!


Starting weight:

116 lbs/52 kg. This weight is lower than I was before I had Bodhi, partly because I’ve been breastfeeding for the past two years. When I began this pregnancy I was on the very low end of what my BMI should be for my height and age. I am ensuring that I am gaining enough weight to compensate and am making sure I’m well within the healthy weight gain each week of my pregnancy.

Current weight:


That puts me at a total of 15.5/7kg weight gain, which is on par with what is considered a healthy pregnancy weight (At 24 weeks they like to see between a 11-18lb/5-8kg weight gain) it’s funny I’m actually exactly the same weight I was this far along with Bodhi although I started lighter pre-pregnancy this time around.


I have been hiking a lot this week for 2hrs at a time. I hiked wed, sat, sun, mon. The hike starts at the end of our street so it’s very convenient. I push Bodhi in a pram and walk one of our dogs up there. It’s a very vigorous hike in parts but it’s all on a paved road which is why I can push B up there in the pram. He loves collecting rocks, pinecones and sticks. When we get home we paint what he has found and then jump in the pool. It’s been so lovely. I’ve also done my the exercises from my 22 week Pregnancy Fitness video twice this week too. Loving feeling reenergised and strong during his pregnancy.



I’ve been really enjoying eating super healthily! My daily food intake looks something like this;

Breakfast: A Square Bar or A green juice and fruit salad

Lunch: Salmon salad with baby spinach, slithered almonds, peaches and avocado with a pear/balsamic dressing.

Snack: Cacao Protein Smoothie.

Dinner: wither Shrimp dumplings, Veggie Quesedilla, Eggplant Parmigiana  with baked cinnamon sweet potato fries.


Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

Bodhi has been singing the “What does the fox say?” song to the baby in the tummy (Bodhi is SOOO 2014!). He tells me how the baby is dancing to the song and it’s his favorite song haha.

Food Aversions:

I haven’t been interested in any unhealthy foods, everything has to be really clean-eating for me to be able to stomach it!


This is a weird one because it has nothing to do with food! I’ve been obsessed with smelling Dr Shulze’s Air Detox spray! I literally have ordered a full box of the spray (10 bottles!). I like to spray all of my pillows with it before bed and just engulf myself in the scent as I fall asleep. It’s a mixture of eucalyptus, lime and lemon! Mark thinks it’s hilarious and I had the exact same obsession with the same smell first pregnancy! I’m convinced it’ll help me throughout labor.


So much beautiful watching of water births is going on at our house. I’ve been thinking about welcoming our son so soon in to our lives and focusing on picturing our birthing journey together. I also decided that I want Bodhi to be present to welcome his new brother in to the world. My two best friends Kat and Claire will be with me as well as Mark and my doula Shanay, so between everyone I’m sure they will be able to be present to all of Bodhi’s needs during my labor when the time comes. I’m so excited about it all.