Travel Tips for Zen Mamas by Anny Deese


Everyone told me my life would change after having a baby.  It is true some things are a little different. Sleep is not my own anymore, it revolves around my daughter and traveling with her at first was a daunting task.  Before my daughter, I would travel AT LEAST twice a week for my company; Boston, New York and Atlanta.

I thought traveling by plane was stressful enough with my work schedule (packing, getting to the airport on time, waking up on time) Disclaimer: I am a terrible over packer. I thought that was all difficult enough until I needed to bring a four-month old baby with me. When you live in Philadelphia and your parents live in Boston, they just don’t care about seeing YOU anymore. It’s all about your baby.   Fine, ok I thought.  I can do this. How hard can it actually be? Well, I wish someone told me that your first flight alone without your hubby can be really stressful, unless you are prepared.  For all the mommies traveling alone our there here is some advice.  Try to pack light for yourself and your baby.

Check in as much as you can before you get to the gate. SIGN UP FOR TSA PRE CHECK, you will thank me later. No seriously, it cuts the wait time in half at security/check-in. Invest in a good umbrella stroller to take with you to the gate and take only the umbrella stroller (I use the City Mini Zip – it’s light and easy). You don’t have time or the hands to pack up the supped up Vista Stroller and Car Seat.  Trust me I learned the hard way.  Pack snacks, lots of snacks (Talar loves the Happy Baby Organic Baby Food Gentle Teethers in Banana flavor) it’s probably easier if you are still breastfeeding so that you don’t have to worry about the bottles but have a good diaper bag with you.  I recommend the LeSportsac Daiper Bag; lots of compartments (keeps you organized) and it’s very light.

Tip for the flight; strangers can be really kind and helpful sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and take it when it’s offered. Make sure the baby is feeding or is using a pacifier during lift off.  The suction prevents their ears from closing up and you avoid an hour or two of non-stop crying. If they won’t feed, give them sugar water (grab some sugar packets at a restaurant before the flight) – a great tip from my pediatrician. Side note: A friend of mine buys their child a seat next to them for the flight and finds it very helpful.  Remember they usually let mothers and babies board early even if they don’t announce it.

Dress the baby in layers for the flight, you don’t know what the temperature will be (sometimes it’s freezing in there) but try to take a light jacket for yourself.  The less stuff with you the better.  Don’t forget, if you are traveling overseas the baby needs a passport even if they are under a year old.

Bon Voyage!


Anny Deese is the Public Relations & Marketing Director for Davio’s Restaurant Group. She is from Boston, MA and lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. She is a foodie, coffee lover, and a want to be yogi.