New Baby Checklist by Sarah Olsen

New Baby Checklist.

When I was 35 weeks pregnant with Wyatt the nesting set in strong. I started to feel overwhelmed with thoughts of, “Do I have all the right things for him? Is he going to arrive and poop on all the onesies I have and then be buck naked draped in hand towels and old sweatshirts, crying covered in poo?” “Amazon now” didn’t exist then, Eric was going to be at work, and i’d be asking my friends to run to some random baby store during rush hour traffic in LA. Panic. Breathe. Panic…Looking back the real truth is you don’t need much. I needed my boobs, some diapers, blankets, food, and lots of cuddles.

Thankfully a Postpartum doula gave me a list as a guide and it truly put me at ease.

NOTE: You do NOT need all of this, but it’s just nice to have something to reference. The baby shower regristry gets overwhelming, your friends telling you all the things they couldn’t live without seems dauntingly insurmountable. Its nice to have a Doula with a lot of experience say, use this as a guide. Breathe. Peace. Breathe.

I added in my own favorites that we grew to love when Wyatt was a newborn.  Feel Free to add to the list!


Soft bottom cloths ( This was something a few people suggested for the first few weeks. They suggested spraying warm water on them instead of using wipes. Newborns go through so many diapers this will be gentler on their little tooshies than wet wipes.)

Pump style thermos. (My friend used this for her son. She kept water warm on the changing table to use with the cotton pads. I just ended up using a little spray bottle.)

Diaper / Barrier Cream. (I Like to buy products where the ingredient list is something that not only has a purpose but is also something that I can pronounce and is organic. I love Booty Balm by my friends company Toosh (full disclosure I am now co-owner of this company and will be relaunching it in the fall but it was and still is my favorite; hence why I joined the team.)

Diaper Pail (ubi diaper pail: I received this as a baby shower gift, I still love that there is no smell and it’s small and easy.)

Hand Sanitizer (one for diaper caddy, one for changing table, one for diaper bag)

Changing pad (Naturepedic is an incredible brand for Organic beds, bedding, and they also have an organic changing pad.)

Diaper Caddy ( I had a changing table in Wyatt’s room but I also had a little diaper caddy next to my bed that had a few diapers, some wipes, a changing mat, booty balm, and hand sanitizer in it. I didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night searching for all of those things, I just grabbed the caddy and it was all there.) 3 Sprouts

Two Changing Pad Covers. (These tend to get a little messy best to keep them in a washing rotation.) Naturepedic or Aden + Anais

Nose Frida ( this is incredible.. a must in my book)

Baby Nail File ( I don’t understand how their nails grow as fast as they do, but I was either biting them off or filing them every few days.)

Thermometer For Baby ( We needed this on day three.)

2 Crib or Basinet sheets. ( Wyatt slept in our bed, a basinet next to the bed, and in his crib for naps.  We utilized both crib sheets and basinet sheets.)Aden + anais  , Little Unicorn  or Natural Mat (for beautiful organic bedding)

2 Warm Blankets. ( I imagine you will get this for your baby shower but if not it’s nice to have a couple of warm blankets for the car seat or just around the house.) Little GiraffeAden + Anais Dream blanket , Little Unicorn  


4 Swaddle Blankets (muslin, organic cotton, Sleep swaddle, Its nice to have a variety) Little UnicornOllie World Swaddle ,  Early Riser Ergo Pouch Cocoon swaddle

Sleep Sheep. ( We LOVED this little thing, but any noise machine will work. Babies tend to love ambient noise and this really helped Wyatt sleep.)

6 Wash Cloths ( for bathing and drying baby’s bottom after diaper change)

2 Hooded Towels (besides the fact that these are stinking adorable they also keep baby extra warm) Little Unicorn 3sprouts

8 Cotton Diapers or Burp Cloths.( I thought this seemed excessive and yet it was something I used for everything. I always had one in my diaper bag, and one day when Wyatt was around two months old, I forgot to pack diapers and ended up covering him in one of these cloths. This was not my finest moment but it totally worked for the ride home and also made for a favorite photo.) Gerber


3 Side Snap Tees (before the umbilical cord falls off, the belly button is a tender area that needs some air)

6 Onesies or Body Suits (my Favorites are Sapling Child,  KickeepantsOuef , Gap Baby

3 layette gowns (these were amazing because you could just pull them up change the diaper and pull them back down) My favorite: Kickeepants.


4 Warm Sleepers: KickeepantsGap baby

2 Hats

3 Pairs of Pants:My Favorites:  Sapling Child, Gap BabyKickee PantsOuefRylee and Cru

4 Pairs of socks: (I tend to lose these a lot. You think the dryer eats your socks, wait till you have the super tiny version. Suggestion for this: small laundry bag to wash and dry them in; If not they are usually found in my sweatpants.)cuca Duna  October Elf

2 sweaters (I didn’t really need a sweater for him until he was bigger, but if your baby is born in the winter it might be good to have) Lots of places have new born sweaters I just happen to be totally in love with  Misha and Puff

Non slip tub ( we liked 4 moms because of the temperature gage but there are so many great ones.)

Baby wash/shampoo: Mustela 2 in 1

Bottles with preemie nipples (My favorite bottles and Pacifiers are MAM.)


3 Nursing bras (bellabumbum)

Super comfy loose PJ’s (Gap has great affordable soft Pjs, My favorites are made by Eberjay and Bellabumbum )

5 Pairs of Black cotton underwear (This I did not have.  The day after Wyatt was born my best friend, (appalled at my underwear drawer of undies that were not comfy for post birth) went and bought me some Calvin Klein undies. Perfect for the giant pads you will need for the first couple weeks)

Nipple cream (Toosh Bosom Balm, Or Mother Love Nipple cream

4 Large Pads Frozen ( For after giving birth to help healing, spray or pour witch hazel on them, put them in ziplock bags and freeze them.)

Breast pads for leaking (They have disposable ones or organic cotton that you can wash and reuse. I had a lot of milk and I leaked a lot, the disposable pads held the milk better for me, but I used both.)

Nursing Pillow: I loved the Boppy.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Perineal Spray (hospital will also provide a spray)

Booby Tubes (Optional can be used for warm or cool application for breast. I did not have these I used hot towels and ice packs, but this would probably have been easier)

Mothers Milk Tea 

Sitz bath Herbs to Heal perineum

Diaper bag and changing mat (I used a diaper bag for a long time and then when I needed less stuff I switched to a back pack.)

Sling, or Baby Wearing WrapYoli and Otis (this is such a beautiful easy to use wrap developed by a lovely mama.)

Carrier (My husband loved the carriers, I loved the wraps) The Beco

Car Seat cover, Nursing cover, Shopping cart cover comboNative Wilds NestCovered Goods

Breast pump ( Some Insurance companies will cover this, so make sure you call and ask about getting your breast pump.) I loved the Medela Freestyle Pump

Yoga Ball (some say rocking chair, I say yoga ball; my favorite way to rock Wyatt.)

Comfortable chair for breastfeeding. (I’m pretty sure I fed him in every area of our house, but it was nice having a comfy chair in his room to snuggle up for longer feeds.)

Soft light for night feeds. ( A lamp next to the bed,  something easy you can turn on that still keeps the room very dim and sleepy but is enough light so you don’t spray baby in the face.)



Love, Sarah