Me & Little Bear by Sarah Olsen

One of my favorite things about working on set is that I am able to bring little bear with me to work. It’s an amazing gift and I know that I am very lucky to be able to spend that time with him. This photo is from a lunch break where we found a stoop in the NYC part of paramount, (yes, you heard that right, there is an actual street dedicated to look like NYC in Los Angeles on the Paramount lot where we shoot our show). It’s safe to say little bear has spent many days walking the “street” of New York.


Sarah: I am wearing what for some would be a dress, but a shirt for giraffes like me, from ( If you don’t know this amazing store and blog please check it out. Coury takes beautiful vintage pieces and remakes them. Talk about sustainability. My pants and boots are from Anine Bing, a favorite Local LA designer. ( My bag is from Clare V. my favorite bags clutches and wallets. (

Little bear: He is wearing a Burton Kids hat and a simple solid shirt from Zara Baby. It’s safe to say he is rocking some TOMs, because in my opinion they are by far the easiest baby shoe to put on.