Let's Get Crafty by Sarah Olsen

If you follow my Instagram you will know that I have a major obsession with crafts. I love wrapping gifts and making beautiful little packages.
I came across these awesome little mason jar table numbers when I was doing research for our wedding. I counted how many I would need and quickly realized how expensive they would be. It’s amazing how when something has anything to do with weddings, even in the smallest way, the price automatically triples! Why is that? Do they think, “Hey, these suckers are getting married and everyone else is taking advantage of them, we might as well over price our napkins too?” Ummm, no thank you.

From flowers to desserts to invitations to anything that has to do with the table or decorations, you are paying so much more than what you would ever need to pay. So I decided to make my
own. I actually decided to make a lot of things that had to do with our wedding, but this company had gone too far, and I wanted to prove them to be the giant jerks they were by doing as much as I could myself.

I set out to www.etsy.com. I love that site, and they have an app?? THANK YOU! I found this little shop that made wooden cards, and bought a mason jar stamp for seven dollars. I already had the alphabet stamps because I love making my own tags for presents. I made little table numbers, cards with guests names on them and tags for party favors, and I still spent less money than I would if I had bought the silly cards on the site (that shall remain nameless).
Stamps are such an easy and fun way to spruce up anything crafty. I love to label everything when we have a party at our house, it gives a nice DIY rustic feel to the event no matter how small. 

Stamp links below.
alphabet stamps : www.amazon.com Mason jar stamp: www.amazon.com