Maternity Clothes by Sarah Olsen


I think we may post a lot about maternity clothes as we grow this site.  I must start by saying this:  Being pregnant is such a life changing experience, and it is different for everyone, so anything I say about pregnancy is only from my journey. Yours may be totally different and that is the beauty.  Every woman has a story unique to herself.  

Your body goes through so many stages during these nine months.  You may hurt in places you have never noticed; you may grow in places you had no idea would grow.  All of a sudden all those dresses and shirts and loose fitting pants you bought while going through your “bohemian” faze, and told yourself  “Oh this will be great when I’m pregnant,” don’t fit as you had imagined.  

So now you are looking different, feeling different, and living in a constant state of excitement and anticipation.  What the hell do you wear? What makes you feel like you?  I went the route of buying some extremely over-priced maternity clothes and honestly some of it is fantastic, but some of it was so far from who I am that I felt I had lost myself entirely.  My body was different, my insides were different, and I felt  boring and frumpy in the way that I dressed.  What I learned was that you have to stay true to your style.  Stay true to what you know.  Everything else in your life is changing rapidly so keep the things that you love consistent.  Buy a size or two up in brands that you know.  Pair maternity pants or leggings with a great striped T-shirt and leather Jacket.  Keep it simple and classic.  We want comfort, and class, and we still want to feel super sexy.  As this site grows we will have lots of great resources for maternity clothes that are adorable and on budget. 

In this photo: I am wearing a Topshop dress two sizes bigger than I would normally buy and a Steven Alan hat. Topshop has a fantastic maternity line.