35 Week Pregnancy Vlog by Teresa Palmer


What week:


How big is the baby:

At 35 weeks the baby is as big as a honeydew melon! He is about 17 to 18 inches/43.2 to 45.7 cm long and weighs 5 ½ to 6 lbs/2.5 to 2.7 kg (although I think this guy probably weighs a bit more than that!)

What’s something new this week:

What’s not new this week?! the craziest new thing this week is the fact that we are LIVING IN AUSTRALIA. It’s been a non-stop time for us, settling in to a new home, ripping up carpets, setting up internet/phones/cable, buying furniture, unpacking, arranging preschools, driving kids to play dates, midwife appointments etc. PHEW! But with the baby there is nothing so new going on! There is still lots of wriggling, some Braxton Hicks and I’m having indigestion on and off.

Most challenging moment:

Probably the day we arrived in Adelaide was the hardest day, that was last Friday. We were met by all of my parents at the airport and then came to the property we just bought from my dad. It felt strange and a bit foreign because my folks had taken all of the furniture out of the home so we were arriving back to an empty shell of a place. I was exhausted, my back was sore but I still really wanted to unpack and get settled. I probably pushed myself too hard and by the end of the day my back was spasming and swollen. I find it hard to relax and with so much to do I tried tackling a lot on day one when really I should just have just had a quiet day. I learnt my lesson though!


Most exciting moment:

Buying furniture for the house! It was exciting to set the place up and pick out rugs, appliances, couches, beds etc (all from Matt Blatt!) Mark got really aquainted with the home and ripped up our carpet impulsively one day! it was a huge job but he was so amped to get rid of the carpet and get polished concrete that he just did it himself!


Mark also got very enthusiastic at our midwife appointment! He was very cute and was saying how excited he was when we talked about our birth preferences and “the birth plan”. We also had our practice run to the hospital which was quick and very efficient but then we got lost finding parking and finding where to get up to the midwifery suite! It was pretty funny that it took as long as the drive to find where to go inside the hospital, I think we may need another practice run! My tummy measured right on 36 weeks so this midwife said not to expect an early delivery but that he could come right on time! ahhh it’s so funny that after the last scan in America my due date was brought up by 10 days! So now I’m just going to figure he will be here when he gets here and that will be his perfect timing!

Starting weight:


Current weight:

No idea! We don’t have a scale here so I don’t know anymore, I need to get one to weigh myself in the next few weeks so I know where I finished at!


Moving boxes, pushing couches, lots of bending and squatting, tons of walking.


My meals have been pretty pitiful this week since we have had no food in the house and I’ve also been so busy that I’ve been forgetting to eat until later in the day when I’m really hungry, so it means I’ve been grabbing the first thing that’s lying around! I’ve definitely been having poor nutrition week this week!

Square bar, mango and passion fruit, smashed avocado breakfast, granola with vegan yoghurt and banana bread.

Papadums, Subway sandwich (I know NOT great!) toast, veggie burger.

Vegemite sandwich, Carob Bear Bars, Choc “sugarless” malt balls.

Mark has been cooking for us! Veggie stir fry, veggie pasta and Mexican night (Mark said this was in honor of America’s new president…)


Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

More lifting my shirt and introducing him to his friends “this is my baby brother”, He told our pet kangaroo Corny that his baby was coming and that “the baby can go in your pouch!”


Food Aversions:

Fish, meat, deep fried anything.


Sugar! Oh boy… I’ve been so great up until now, all I’m thinking about are these little Carob Bear bars I meantioned above! And again with the ice! In fact I’m crunching ice right now as I write this! My very favorite thing to do is lie in bed crunching ice and reading Ina May Gaskin books!



Last week at the scan we were told that baby is sunny side up, which means posterior. The optimal way a baby is positioned would be in the anterior position (baby’s belly to your spine so the baby is face down when coming out) this news was somewhat disheartening as Bodhi was positioned this way too and is the reason my birth went very differently to how I envisioned (read his birth story next week!) if I was equipped with the knowledge back then about Bodhi’s position and what to do, then I would’ve made an effort to have him turn. This time round I have about 4 weeks give or take to see if this babe will face down, I’ve been looking at the Spinning Babies website which so many people have mentioned to me. I’ve just started the exercises and have the hope that he will turn. I’ve also made peace with the fact that he might not turn and that my labor will be what it will be and that I’ll face whatever challenges come my way in the most present and accepting mind state as possible. What are your suggestions? Anyone else get their brow presentation babies to turn?

Here is my Vlog! It’s been a while and I had a ton of  interruptions so I’m sorry about the shonky editing! But hey at least I’m keepin it real right?! Belly shot included at the end!