37 Week Pregnancy Vlog by Teresa Palmer

What week:



How big is the baby:

He is as big as Swiss chard! His weight is 2.9 kg/6.3lbs and
height 48.6 cm/19.1 inches.

He is a little heavier than this special little baby western grey haired kangaroo that came to visit us this week. I got suuuuper maternal towards him, his Mama had just been caught in a fence and died and naturally I cried my eyes out when telling Mark about the story. Lucky he has such a good home with my friends at Wildlife SA and will be so well looked after! You can donate to help care for him and the other baby animals rescued by them here. 


What’s something new this week:

Braxton Hicks! And a lot of them, tons of tightening and some light cramping which has been really exciting. I met with my midwife this week and don’t have another appointment for another 2 weeks, I’ll be 39 weeks 6 days then and I wonder if I’ll make that appointment or if I’ve already given birth. She said the my belly was measuring at 37 weeks so seems like he might be on time. Bodhi was very cute in the appointment and kept being “doctor”, he would ask if he could take the baby out now! Anytime after 39 weeks I keep saying! Our house is almost finished (in 5 days!) so it would be nice to be settled in for a little bit before he comes along!


Most challenging moment:

Just getting sharp pains when I walk, the midwife says it’s the babe hitting my cervix, it literally takes my breath away, I remember having this with Bodhi too when I was around the same pregnancy week. My feet have also gotten really sore from so much activity with the house. I’ve been told this is a good thing though because I’m trying to turn him so I’m supposed to be walking a lot!

Mark also slipped a disk in his back whilst lifting some furniture (he is doing some MAJOR nesting too haha) so that was also a challenging part of our week as he was in so much pain and was unable to do too much. Luckily Bodhi stepped in and saved the day with his epic paint work!


Most exciting moment:

Every night around 9pm when Mark and I settle in to watch Black Mirror (new TV obsession) baby goes wild! There is so much movement, wriggling and rolling! I swear he is lying on my right side but the midwife insists he is on my left! Maybe he is just swapping sides constantly? His head is down but not engaged yet so I think we have some time to go. Also getting all of the baby’s things together has been so wonderful, I folded all of his clothes and sorted drawers for him, bought a change table and cannot wait to get everything together as soon as our floors are finished (Sunday is “move in day!) imagining him in the little outfits is getting Mark and I both very very excited!


Starting weight:


Current weight:

Couldn’t tell you! I STILL don’t have a scale! I swear I’ll get one this week.


No specific exercise but tons of cleaning, squatting, bending over picking things up, lifting kids, walking around the property, shopping in town etc.



Banana bread, smashed avocado, granola and pears, french toast and strawberries, fruit salads.

Pumpkin, rocket, marinated red capsicum, halloumi , pasta, tomato and cheese grilled baguettes.

Popcorn, carob bears.

Eggplant and capsicum curry, papadums, veggie pasta, kale salads.


Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

Bodhi likes to wash “my baby” in the bath with soap and drip lavender essential oils on him “It smells pretty for you!”.

Food Aversions:

The smell of meat blahhh I’m even at the point where eating with people enouying a steak makes me queasy!


Fruit fruit fruit! Mainly mangoes, passion fruit and peaches, I’m loving them! Big juice hearty fruit salads mmmm.