Postpartum Vlog Week 7 by Sarah Olsen

What Week? 

7 Weeks Postpartum

How big is baby? 

Not sure.. I forgot to weigh her and she is sleeping haha.. she has to be over 14 pounds by now.

Whats something new this week?

SHE TOOK A BOTTLE!!! Thank you all so much for your tips!! I took them all! I tried everything. Probably the best thing that worked was holding her face to my skin and cheering her on, then putting my finger under her chin for some support! Thank you (Whitney) from our community, that was the trick that really worked for her!! I love that you mama’s are the ones that helped me get my baby to take a bottle! It makes me so happy to have this space where we can all share, and support one another.


Most challenging moment?

Crying in the car. Can we just take a moment to sympathize with all the mamas out there right now who are driving somewhere with their babies in the car while their baby is screaming. It’s just brutal. Those car cries where they are crying so hard their body vibrates, send little tiny needles through my whole body. It’s like inside my brain there is this super loud alarm you would only hear in emergencies on a submarine with a red light flashing and people frantically running around trying to plug holes.  I have had to pull over a few times and try to calm her with nursing and rocking. Truth is sometimes she falls asleep right away and is totally fine, and other times she just doesn’t want to be in the car. I am able to keep calm since this is my second baby, and I know she has been fed, changed, and burped.. but man it breaks my heart.

Tips for the car… Please add to these tips in the comments.

White noise

Pacifier (but it falls out… a lot )

a little lovey to cuddle.

a mirror to see them


…. any other ideas???

Something you loved this week?

I am loving this prolonged eye contact. Its SO awesome! She just stares, smiles, and coos and it makes me want to lay beside her and coo back at her all day long.

 Wyatt has this new thing where he wants me to dress her like him. So you will probably be seeing more twining outfits with the two of them.

ALSO.. Having a backyard picnic with pizza, beer, and donuts for my birthday under the stars was dreamy. Esmé slept on a blanket, while Bodhi, Wyatt, and Lila played in the yard. It was the perfect way to relax and celebrate. Thank you Anna and Teresea!

Eric took my mom, my friend Sonya, and the kids to sushi for my birthday, Esmé slept in the booth while Wyatt practiced his chopstick skills. Perfect.

Mama time? 

I worked a few times this week and  it felt good to get back to something I love so much and have my little babies with me.

ALSO I got a manicure and a pedicure. Talk about pampering.. that was AMAZING.


These walks…

What am I eating?

Korean Japchae noodles!!! They are made from sweet potatoes and with a bunch of veggies they make an amazing stir fry that my whole family loves!

My body

THANK you Madewell for making such awesome jeans and always having something on sale. 🙂 I bought a pair of jeans that will fit me right now in this transition period, they are high waisted and have some stretch so they help hold that postpartum belly in.

Birthfit ! We are on week two of the postpartum series and I can’t stress enough how much this has helped me mentally and physically, plus I am super sore.  I can feel the change happening in my body.

Checking in.

I made it through my first birthday without my dad. I thought about him a lot and I even talked to him at 2 in the morning when I was feeding my baby. I have realized that there is still a lot inside of me that needs healing and I will share with you that I am going to start going back to therapy. I have no problem admitting when I need help, and with the postpartum hormones racing through my body, at some moments this feeling is overwhelming. I spent a lot of time soldiering through the weeks and months concentrating on the baby inside of me and my toddler.. but now I need to start talking about it again. After he passed I wanted to try and move on with my life and distance myself as much as I could, now I am at a place where I need to work on some of these feelings so that I don’t burst into tears every time that dang Kelly Clarkson song comes on the radio.

Until next time.


Birthday Breakfast in bed compliments of my hubby