Postpartum Vlog Week 10 by Sarah Olsen


What Week?

10 Weeks Postpartum


How big is baby?

15 Pounds 10 ounces


Whats something new this week?

She is “in the room” now. This is something my doctor said at her wellness visit. I had not heard it before but I totally see what he means. When I talk to her she looks right at me. When I read her a book she looks at the pages and watches me and smiles. Besides the fact that she still needs help with her head and holding her body up, she doesn’t feel like a newborn anymore.

Most challenging moment?

When this girl has to burp she loses it. It’s about 15 minutes of intense crying. For a baby who doesn’t cry much, its jarring. You go through all the motions, is it a burp, is she hungry, tired, wet, or dirty diaper, until you are certain it’s the stomach and just wait for that air to come out. Then she usually falls asleep right after. haha.

My girlfriend watched Esmé for an hour and a half this week for me and when I left she was about ready to fall asleep. A half hour into it Esmé had to burp and she lost it. My girlfriend said once she burped she passed out asleep, and my friend held her on her chest for the rest of the time. Thank God for amazing mama friends!


Something you loved this week?

Everyone dressed up their babies for halloween at Mommy and Me class. It was the cutest thing ever. What made me so happy was how Esmé was so into the other babies. She loved looking at them and touching them. I love seeing her reaction to other babies her age.

Mama time?

I went to a friends birthday party this week and my girlfriends were there. Esmé was with me but she slept the whole time. It was such a treat to be with my girls and catch up on everyone’s life. I brought my Plum and Sparrow Moses basket and she slept in that outside while we all hung out on blankets and listened to live music.

What am I eating?

We went to the farmers market this week and had Wyatt shop for all his favorite fruits and veggies. We gave him money and had him ask the vendors for the food. He loved it so much, and this is what we made his lunches with this week. We ate local and organic which is hard to do. Favorite picks: Guava, Dragon fruit, and fresh made salsa.



My body

Im feeling great. I’m still doing some of my Birthfit exercises which feels great just to have a routine, and to know healthy ways to care for my body.
Anyone else falling asleep in crazy nursing positions? I actually fell asleep sitting up this week with my head hanging over. It was hilarious. Ended in some wacky neck pain so I will need to take some “mama time” to get that sorted.


Checking in.

I am getting back to more work stuff and it feels good. I enjoy a little bit of the balance. I had an event this week, the Environmental Media Association Awards. It was the first time I have been away from Esmé and so much goes into the first time you leave them right? I was working on the bottle feeding, taking note of her needs around the time I would be leaving every evening so I could prepare our nanny for anything that would come up. I talked about her usual schedule and about her crazy “burp” episodes.

It came time for the night I would be away, I left lots of milk, we set up little stations around the house if there would be a need and then I left. That feeling when you first pull away from your house is crazy right? I was like woah, I have had a tiny babe attached to my body for the last 10 weeks and then inside of me for 9 months before that. I felt like I was doing something naughty. I felt like my arms were empty, and I kept feeling like I was forgetting something.
Well Wyatt went to bed with no fuss and had a great night, and Esmé drank half a bottle of milk, burped, and fell into her usual 8pm deep sleep until I got home around 11. It couldn’t have gone better.