Postpartum Vlog week 8 by Sarah Olsen


What Week?

8 Weeks Postpartum


How big is baby?

Not sure if my scale is wrong.. but I tried a couple times and got 15 pounds. Ill confirm this at her next doc appointment but WOAH thats quite the baby bear.


Whats something new this week?

This little lady has become VERY chatty. Newborn chatter is so funny to me. She is talking to us in a way where she sounds like a baby lion / mouse / newborn pterodactyl. She gets so excited when we try to mirror her noises.

Most challenging moment?

As a mama of two I am learning that the most challenging moments arise when both kids need me at the same time. A “mommy and me” teacher once told me, “If both kids are crying, attend to your toddler first, then to your newborn.” (obviously making sure the newborn is in a safe place to be left alone for a moment.)
Naps are usually the most chaotic time of our day, that, and any time we need to get out the door. My oldest somehow discovers all these new wonders of our home the moment it’s time to leave.

Wyatt has been taking a stand against napping. This just happens to be the time Esmé needs to be fed or is a bit restless and fussy. I run back and forth between the two of them until one of them has calmed down. It’s laughable, and maybe that’s the beauty of being a second time mom, you have already had so much thrown at you with your first, that in these moments you can only laugh at how bananas it is.

I’m not ready to let the naps go because the moment he gets out of school he is exhausted and I know he will feel better if he has a rest. Today he actually napped without any complaints for an hour and a half and he woke up the happiest guy.


Something you loved this week?

Mommy and Me. This was awesome and I feel it was so important for us. I really want to try and give Esmé as much attention as I gave Wyatt, but I know that with number 2 it’s just going to be a different kind of attention. She laid on a blanket next to another baby and smiled the whole time during class until she fell asleep. We talked about our toddlers and about our new babies. Singing to her and staring at her little face for an hour and fifteen minutes of focused time feels so special and so important not only for her but for our connection.

Mama time?

I had two days of Birthfit which was amazing.
Something that really felt like a special Mama moment was when I needed to give both kids a bath, I decided to pile into the tub with them. I held Esmé while Wyatt and I giggled at her smiling as we floated her around the tub. He helped me wash her hair and rinse it and we played with his boat until we were all wrinkly. I always loved nursing Wyatt in the bathtub, and this first bath with both of them I sat nursing Esmé, watching Wyatt play, and remembering the night I was in labor with my little girl in this very tub staring outside at the moonlight.

What am I eating?

We had a “Make your own hand roll” night. We had rice, seaweed, smoked salmon, sliced cucumber, and avocado. It was a fun thing for Wyatt pick his favorite ingredients and roll up his own Japanese hand roll. This can also serve as a healthy snack.


My body

Week 3 of BIRTHFIT and I have never been so sore. Of all the exercises I have ever done, this has been the most impactful. I feel better, stronger, and can see results and changes every week.

(btw wrap dresses are great for PP and easy boob access. This one is from @ChristyDawn)

(btw wrap dresses are great for PP and easy boob access. This one is from @ChristyDawn)

Checking in.

This week I spent time reflecting on what is healthy and important for me and made sure that I dedicated time to spend with both of my kids individually and together. I spent time with Teresa recording our VLOG questions and answers you guys sent in.
Having this play date with the boys/ work day for us, was so fun and nothing feels more healing to me than to spend time with my friends and their kids talking about things that are most important to us.


Apparently brushing your sisters hair is fascinating for both involved.