Week 31 Pregnancy Update & Fitness Vlog by Teresa Palmer

What week:


How big is the baby:

He measures over 16 inches long which is 40.6cm and about the size of a pineapple! He weighs about 3 1/3 pounds/1.5kg.

What’s something new this week:

I’ve been having indigestion on and off this week, I guess as there is less and less room for food in my tummy so it’s affecting my digestion. It’s been pretty uncomfortable but only happening sporadically.


Challenging Funniest! moment:

I actually laughed out loud about ten times during this flight we had yesterday, purely at the sight of my husbands face! We flew to Hawaii for our baby moon and the seats we got on the way back were the very last row next to the bathrooms, my husband, who was sitting in the aisle, was within arms length of the toilet. Our seats didn’t recline because they were flush up against the bathrooms and there was a constant line of people during the 5 hour flight using the toilet for what seemed to be exclusively for doing number 2’s! The smells would just be washing over us and I found it hilarious, I was seriously crying with laughter at Marks reaction, he would just look at me sadly shaking his head hahaha!! then Bodhi wouldn’t sleep unless he was sprawled across my chest/face so I was in a weird half seated/half lying position pinned down inhaling the unpleasant aroma. I’m still laughing about it. Mark is still shaking his head.

Most exciting moment:

Our babymoon in Hawaii! I was there with one of my best friends who is also pregnant and has an 11 month old son. It was so much fun to have our families together to celebrate this time. We spent the 5 days in the sun, sand and ocean, swimming, building sand castles, eating yummy food and having great conversations. It was a blast!


Starting weight:


Current weight:



Swimming in the ocean and lots of walking around Waikiki, I probably walked about an hour or so per day.



An eclectic range of foods this week with our travels!

Granola, Greek yoghurt and berry compote, vegan muffin, Maca/Cacao smoothie, ricotta pancakes.

Kale salad with tempeh and avocado, veggie quesadilla, sea vegetable poke.

Bounce Protein Bars, Sea Salted Poporn, Have A Corn Chip Chips with guacamole, strawberries, Tamari rice crackers.

Teriyaki Salmon and greens, Greek salad, seafood dumplings, miso soup and rice, Veggie Pizza


Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

Whenever Bodhi introduced himself he also introduced the baby to people. He is so gentle around the tummy and always comes and pats it, whispering to the belly and telling jokes. He said “we are going to go on so many adventures baby”


Food Aversions:

I don’t eat land animals at all but the smell never bothered me, now I can’t be near cooked meat at all, it’s making me feel really nauseous.


Okay so I finally figured out what I’ve been craving the ENTIRE pregnancy and it’s now just amped up ten fold. Rather than a craving it’s more of pregnancy quirk I would say! It’s all to do with my senses. It’s as though I’m enjoying the experience of smelling and touching more than ever before. I am really paying attention to how these things FEEL. I love smelling essential
Oils especially lavender, eucalyptus, lemon and lime, I love how a cold flannel feels on my face, warm bath water with rose petals is completely blissful, I even enjoying combing through my hair which I used to hate to have to do because it was so knotty, now it feels really amazing haha brushing my teeth even just feels great, when it used to be such a mundane thing. It’s so funny my senses are on OVERLOAD right now and it’s making everything super wonderful hahaha I wish I was this sensitive and aware when I wasn’t pregnant haha.



Last week I was reflecting all about the dynamic shift between Bodhi and I, this week it has all been about reminiscing about a newborns life. I remember when Bodhi was so tiny he would like to stay all
curled up like a little bug. I keep thinking about this baby being all curled up and wrapped in a sling snuggled in to me, it brings tears to my eyes. I was just saying to Mark that I couldn’t be more excited to go through all of the newborn stuff with him again, I want to wake up to my son in the night and navigate those feelings again, the teamwork, the intimate moments with your partner when all you can do is stare at this tiny little human you both created, it’s a completely surreal and special time and I am feeling a really overwhelming sense of gratitude that we are about embark on this journey again.


Here is this weeks Fitness Vlog back with our man Jeff of @la_mindset who is now doing Skype training and writing workouts for you Mama’s! There are a bunch of you already doing it, hope you’re loving it! Contact him to arrange training through his Instagram page. Again, please be mindful whilst working out, check in with a doctor before beginning an exercise regiment and listen to your body!