My Favourite Motherhood Tales by Kristin Shorten

Becoming a Mama stirred such a dichotomy of emotions in me. The strongest was of overwhelming, fierce, protective love for my baby. But during the early months I also felt shell-shocked by my new reality. Adjusting to motherhood (the exhaustion, responsibility and loss of freedom) was tough at first. I was so grateful for and in love with my daughter, but also felt sad (hello baby blues, hormones and sleep deprivation!) and alone at times. So I turned to my new bestie (Google) seeking solace, info and inspiration.

The honest, vulnerable and brave accounts of new motherhood – its joy, beauty, struggle and sorrow – I stumbled across gave me comfort, hope and much-needed perspective. It was so reassuring to find stories of amazing women who had faced similar feelings and to know that I wasn’t alone in my experience. I’m so thankful for women who share their stories.

I’ve inhaled every parenthood post from my friend Veggie Mama Stacey Roberts. And I binge-read every article on Georgie Abay’s stunning site The Grace Tales. It’s brimming with uplifting interviews with inspiring (and impeccable) mothers. Even her weekly editor’s letter feels like like a warm mummy hug.

Some stories were of tragedy. Others were lighter. Sometimes just one sentence resonated with me but that was all I needed to get through a tough moment. So I’m sharing a bunch of my favourites in case you can take something positive from them too.

Is Motherhood Really that Hard?

By Jacinta Tynan

Hard is being tied to a soulless job for 80 per cent of your waking hours. Hard is fighting cancer, or having a child who is. Or not being able to conceive a child when you ache for nothing more. But soothing a crying baby who won’t sleep for love nor money is a privilege, not a hardship.

Motherhood x 2: still easy?

By Jacinta Tynan

These are the moments – the food slinging, car-seat wrangling, pre-dawn rocking – that we might long to have back one day. Pinning down a writhing toddler to get his shoes on, being woken every two hours by a crying baby; it’s not a bad problem to have. And so worth it to have a heart bursting with love.

“They warned me that my world would be turned upside down. They lied”.

By Jamila Rizvi

The reality that the life I had lived up until now was gone – and wouldn’t be coming back – hit me like punch in the face. I imagined that this is what drowning feels like.

Image by: Grace Alyssa Kyo

Image by: Grace Alyssa Kyo

But as with everything in life, the period of sheer panic did end.

The Longest Shortest Time

By Hillary Frank

Motherhood is not always giggles and hand-clapping and learning to walk. But things do change and often they get better. And the things you’re going through, even if they’re not in the books, they happen to other people, too.

My Career Saved my Life PostPartum

By Kathleen Shannon

My kid is a given—I would crawl across burning coals to keep him safe and feeling loved—but I’m releasing any guilt that comes with loving my role as creative director, writer, podcaster, and boss more than I love my role as a parent.

A Year Without Sleep

By Kathleen Shannon

I love my baby with my whole heart. Most moms would die for their baby, and I would die for Fox. And I felt like that’s exactly what I was doing. I was dying a slow death.

I Can’t Get No Sleep

By Stacey Roberts

Somewhere out there, I’m crying into a cup of tea and mentally piecing together the scraps I’ve gotten overnight to see if makes up enough to get me through the day.

The Sleep Sitch

By Stacey Roberts

I have been awake since 2.30am. I used to see posts of mums saying similar things and I thought it couldn’t be right. You actually get up and go about your day even though you’ve been awake since two hours after you went to bed? What. The. Fuck.

The Tale Of Petronella Stofberg & Jacob Stofman

By Georgie Abay

Motherhood has taught me a lot about myself, for instance that I am less flexible than I thought, but tougher and stronger too…

Also that raising a child is the single most challenging thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding, and that everything gets easier with time.

The Tale of Elke Kramer & Cedar Morris

By Georgie Abay

Everyone has their own unique experience with motherhood. Their own journey, but the one truth is that your life will become equally harder and richer. Entirely exhausting and difficult, yet also fulfilling and deeply abundant. A beautiful catastrophe! You will lose so much and gain even more. It’s the best and worst, longest and shortest time.

Image by: Grace Alyssa Kyo

WHOS: Georgie Abay, Editor

By Sigourney Cantelo

My baby girl Charlotte came seven weeks early and spent some time in the special care unit. Being premature, she’s not the best sleeper but I don’t mind, I’m just so happy she’s here and healthy.

The Only Advice a First Time Mum Needs

By Lauren Dubois

Don’t listen to people who tell you to “treasure every moment”. They’ve forgotten how tough it can be. Hindsight is an absolute cretin and makes people say stupid things. Yes, you absolutely will look back with rosy glasses and think how wonderful it was when your baby was so tiny and still and dependent. But that doesn’t help you at all today.

My Post Breastfeeding Journey

By Kimberley Welman

While I have come to terms with postpartum marks and excess skin in certain areas of my body, the one area that I felt I wanted that extra help on was obviously my breasts. And, I’m not afraid to tell you because I’m so proud of myself for having the courage to get this procedure done and share it – because sometimes as mums, we feel we’re silly or being ungrateful for even thinking about it. But we’re not.



Kristin is a new mama, wife, journalist and Day for Daniel ambassador. Her daughter and husband are the lights of her life. Her little loves are healthy food, yoga, reading and podcasts. Believes that a cup of tea fixes everything. She is currently in the Northern Territory, Australia, where she spends her days leaning into motherhood while steering clear of crocodiles.

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